Baked Birthday Donuts

July is a month full of birthdays for me to recognize. Two friends, my aunt and my cats all have their birthdays in the second half of July, and on this past Tuesday I was finally driven to making some thematic desserts. I recently used the numerous Amazon gift cards I’d collected over the years … More Baked Birthday Donuts

Palo Alto & Stanford

I was in California visiting Stanford; I had tons of fun walking on the campus, navigating using Google Maps and having an excuse to drink chai, and I decided to film it all! Check out the video for the details of the trip!

Sun Bear Cookies

I am a firm believer in the idea that desserts shouldn’t be made healthy. Sure, make zucchini chocolate bread and use coconut milk instead of heavy cream, but dessert should be–if not bad for you–at least a little bit of a treat. That being said, dessert should be accessible to everyone. In honor of that … More Sun Bear Cookies