Caramel Pear Tarts

Pears, a sweet, soft fruit, are often overlooked during fall in favor of more “typical” fall foods such as apples and pumpkins. I know I’ve definitely done that in the past, but this year I decided to use them to my advantage and make these super flavorful pear tarts that just scream fall. The base … More Caramel Pear Tarts

Almond Apple Crisp

Apples are the hallmark of fall. I always get irrationally excited when they’re in season, and daydream about sitting outside in a sweater with a honeycrisp apple in hand. It may be a little early for sweaters and honeycrisps, but apples are officially in season, so I’m going to kick it off with a super … More Almond Apple Crisp

The Apple Orchard

This past weekend I went to the local apple orchard with my family to get apples, desserts and a little outdoor time. This time of year, there are tons of apple varieties in season. The orchard conveniently stocks apples up in a building so walking around isn’t necessary. We bought Galas, Heralds, Cortlands and a … More The Apple Orchard