Healthy Fats 101

Healthy fats are totally the hype right now, and I decided to make a lil’ post about it to make sure that y’all don’t just think it’s a fad; healthy fats are sooooo good. Take a look at some of the reasons down below: The word “fat” is negative, but it shouldn’t be If someone is … More Healthy Fats 101

Roasted Pepper Hummus

Hummus. Delicious, filling and healthy. Hummus made in less than half an hour in a food processor? Hell. Yes. Mediterranean food has been sort of trendy lately, but hummus has always been delicious. I didn’t used to eat it, because chickpeas = beans and I cannot stand most beans. However, after trying and enjoying chickpeas … More Roasted Pepper Hummus

Almond Strawberry Crisp

Summer is my favorite season. Not because I don’t have school, and definitely not because of the weather. Summer is my favorite because summer food is the best food. Summer desserts are some of the best things in the world; warm, gooey berries against cold ice cream… these are things I dream of–literally. But because … More Almond Strawberry Crisp