Hey everyone!

I’m Cameron, a teenage blogger based in Iowa City, Iowa. I love cooking, baking, going to the gym when the university students are away and perusing the bulk bins at my local food co-op. On September 10, I move to Evanston to start school at Northwestern University.

In December 2014, I was diagnosed with Cronh’s Disease, which is an autoimmune disorder. It means digesting hurts, and if you ask how I feel, I’ll probably say, “inflamed.” Though I haven’t been able to control it with just diet, it did force me to think about my health in a way I hadn’t before, and means I live a healthier lifestyle than most people my age.

Though this blog was conceived as a place for my food photography, it’s now a resource for real food recipes, exercise inspiration and tips for living a balanced and happy life.

The recipes I post cover lots of different diets and eating philosophies, because I believe food should be inclusive and everyone should be able to enjoy cooking and eating, regardless of intolerances, allergies or preferences.




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