Hiking Fuel 101

Hey everyone! I just got back from a quick vacation to Rocky Mountain National Park and I thought I would share a quick post on what I eat on hikes; we did four trails in three days. The longer ones mandated that we bring snacks. On Thursday, we climbed Deer Mountain, and on Friday we … More Hiking Fuel 101

Paradigm Shift

I’ll be the first to admit that the first time I heard the word paradigm, it was in one of those movie theater ads that went, “Cinedigm… a new paradigm in cinema,” and I had no idea what it meant. Thankfully, my AP European history class cleared the definition up in the first few months, … More Paradigm Shift

Healthy Fats 101

Healthy fats are totally the hype right now, and I decided to make a lil’ post about it to make sure that y’all don’t just think it’s a fad; healthy fats are sooooo good. Take a look at some of the reasons down below: The word “fat” is negative, but it shouldn’t be If someone is … More Healthy Fats 101

Why I Exercise

Most people have their reasons for exercise; to lose weight, to train for a sport, to be social. I have my own reasons for hauling my ass to the gym, which I’ve listed below in the order in which I find them important. (Fun fact: I still wear kids’ tennis shoes because I have small feet.) 1. … More Why I Exercise