Hey loves, I’m at college! I moved in one week ago for orientation and even though I haven’t actually started classes yet, I’m loving it here at Northwestern! It’s pretty great here, at least in my opinion. Even though separation from my kitchen has been a little hard, having access to Whole Foods and keeping … More College!

I’m Not A Yogi

I’m not a yogi. My first experience with yoga was in freshman year of high school. I was in early bird gym class (ew) and, hating team sports and any exercise that involved chasing a ball, chose to do “fitness” instead of “arena.” The videos we used to do yoga weren’t extremely helpful at all, … More I’m Not A Yogi

Fresh Mango Salsa

Hey loves, How do you like your mangoes? I know I recently did a mango post, but after snacking on that, I just needed more mango in my life. When mangoes went on sale at the local food co-op, I had to grab one and make this really quick salsa. Ah, the perks of making … More Fresh Mango Salsa